The Koa Collab: Miscarriage Support and A Way To Wellness

The Koa Collab - Miscarriage Support and a Way to Wellness

Welcome to The Koa Collab: Miscarriage Support and A Way To Wellness information page.  If you are reading this and have had a miscarriage, I am so sorry for your loss.  If you are struggling, please read on to learn how The Koa Collab might be able to help you heal a little bit.  

Since my experience with consecutive miscarriages and the disappointment I felt with the support readily available, it has become a mission of mine to help other māmās find the support they need.  Making sense of the grief that comes with losing a pregnancy is so hard to do alone. Through my own experience I became aware of the tremendous lack of support available for women who miscarry, particularly within the first trimester. With 6 years of personal training experience behind me, I have created The Koa Collab, which provides those grieving with gentle exercise routines to build up physical strength in a safe and understanding environment while also providing opportunities to acknowledge and process your thoughts and pregnancy loss experience.

Exercise is a magnificent platform to help relieve mental health stress.  I know first hand how damn hard it is to get out of bed everyday when you're feeling so low after pregnancy loss.  I know how hard it is to go through the motions of your daily routine trying to pretend nothing is wrong. It's utterly exhausting!  As a member of The Koa Collab you don't have to hide your emotions. Your loss is important and acknowledged, no matter when during the pregnancy your precious wee one passed on. 

The Koa Collab runs for 8 weeks and is facilitated through a private Facebook group only members have access to.  This provides you with the flexibility to complete tasks to suit your schedule no matter where you are located. Once you sign up and payment is made you will be granted access to the group.

The Koa Collab includes:

  • Two new body weight workouts each week (no equipment needed). Exercise routines are suitable for those with little base fitness and more challenging variations are provided to ensure you can choose the right option depending on your fitness level.  Progression will be implemented over the 8 weeks in order to build strength. These workouts will be uploaded at the start of each week for you to complete at a time that is convenient for you. For safety reasons you should be at least 6 weeks post-miscarriage / post-partum and clearance from your GP to take part is recommended. Please do not skip this step as you need to be physically well to participate. 
  • Two weekly light cardio challenges (no equipment required, just a good pair of sneakers).  These are increased in duration throughout the 8 weeks in order to improve your base fitness and endurance but since they are prescribed in time, you are able to choose an intensity that is right for you, (so can be as gentle as you wish).  
  • Weekly wellness tasks designed to help you acknowledge and process your experience, emotions and thoughts. These are activities you can do at home in your own time and are optional of course. There is no need to show completion of these tasks, they are for you to complete privately but if you would like to share them with the group you can do so. 
  • Optional get togethers via Zoom to share your journey, experience and/or thoughts on completed wellness activities.  These will happen at the end of weeks 3, 6 and 8.
  • Individual support available if required. This is to provide an opportunity to ensure you are gaining as much from the programme as possible and identify whether you need any assistance or workout modifications.  

    Please note: As a member of The Koa Collab you can be as anonymous as you please. I understand everyone will be at a different stage of their journey and may not want to interact with others, so there is no pressure to take part in any of the shared zoom sessions.  The last thing I want to do is add any stress to your day.  In saying that there may be others who are ready to talk and share their experiences thus why I want to provide an outlet for this.  The important thing is YOU take what YOU need from The Koa Collab to support YOUR grief journey. 

    The Koa Collab is an 8 week miscarriage support and wellness program. Cost is one payment of $189.00 NZD (Afterpay available). To ensure I have time to support individuals as required spaces are limitedTo take part you must agree to the terms and conditions which you can find here.  

    The next Koa Collab intake starts on 13th May 2024. To secure your place payment must be made prior to this date.  Spaces are limited. To sign up and make payment please click here

    For more information on how it works please see video below and check out the FAQs here...