The Koa Collab FAQ

What do you mean by body weight exercises?

Exercises that do not require any equipment.  The exercises use your own weight to provide resistance against gravity to improve strength and endurance.

What kind of cardiovascular exercise is used in the programme?

You can choose to either walk or bike.  If you want to run then I can provide you with a modified programme.  The cardio programme is time based, so you choose your own intensity but the length of sessions will progress over the 8 weeks to improve your endurance. 

Do I need to have any gym experience or what level of fitness should I have prior to starting the programme?

No, you do not need to have any gym experience.  I explain how to do each exercise and offer alternatives for those who would like a more challenging variation.  You do not need to have any base fitness prior to starting the programme.  As the workouts are time based you can choose your intensity, so its okay to start off slow! 

What if I am having problems with a particular exercise?

No problem, let me know and we can discuss it together.  I am happy to do an individual zoom session to check technique or offer an alternative exercise you can use moving forward. 

Why do I need to be 6 weeks post-partum when starting the programme?

This is to ensure your body has had some time to recover.  Recovery time is always different for everyone that is why you should speak to your GP to confirm they are happy for you to engage in bodyweight and cardiovascular exercise (at an intensity of your choice), as some people will need longer than 6 weeks before it is safe for them to exercise.  Your health and safety is extremely important! 

What if I don't want to do the wellness activities?

That's okay!  You can choose what you want to take part in.  You have complete control over what you think will work for you and what you want to engage in. 

Is there a payment plan?

The full amount must be paid for before the start date but if you sign up to Afterpay you can pay over four installments.

What is your money back guarantee policy?

If you find you the content of the programme is not for you that is okay! Email me within 14 days of the start date and I will refund you the full amount.