My Story


My name is Carla and I am a mum of 2 living in beautiful Southland. After my own journey of secondary infertility I decided to do something to help and encourage family and friends show support to women during or after a miscarriage. From my observations people want to be supportive of course, but  many don’t know how or feel uncertain about what to say because its not a commonly spoken about experience within our society.

To help, I decided to design some care packages for family and friends they could gift to women to show their support. A simple gesture to reinforce they are thinking of them and are acknowledging their loss, which is extremely important. I especially hope this can help women who experience first trimester miscarriages as I believe a lot of these losses go unnoticed. 

From there, I moved on to creating care packages for happier occasions such as pregnancy, birthing care, postnatal, newborn and gratitude gifts boxes. 



I often get asked how I came up with the name Olga & Elle.  Well, Olga is the middle name of a good friend, so I've always loved it and it means blessed.  Elle is my daughters middle name, so obviously love it and its meaning is female or she.  So, put them together and that is how I felt during my journey.  Even though the miscarriages were so hard to accept I knew deep down I was super lucky not having to deal with the challenge of actually getting pregnant.  My heart goes out to all those couples battling infertility.