Pregnancy Loss Support

Pregnancy loss is an unimaginable pain too many of us have had to experience. Doing it by yourself is even harder.  Below are links of organisations or resources where you can find support in Aotearoa.

Misconceptions - A web series about miscarriage that aims to provide people with the tools they need when they, or their loved ones experience a miscarriage. 

MUM - MisUnderstandings of Miscarriage - A documentary by Australian filmmaker Tahyna MacManus who embarks on a personal journey to understand the physical, emotional and psychological impacts of miscarriage.  (Also available on Netflix)

Miscarriage Support NZ Facebook Group - A private facebook group that provides a safe haven for women to talk about their loss/losses.

Miscarriage Support - An informative website put together by a group of volunteers which reflects on their own knowledge and baby loss experiences.

Whetūrangitia A site to support those acting on behalf of parents to support them in their grief.

Baby Loss New Zealand - a charitable organisation offering support to families who have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth or during infancy.

Loss and Grief Centre (Southland) - A charitable organisation offering support groups and subsidised counselling services for any form of loss or grief.

The Grief Centre (Auckland) - A charitable organisation designed to offer grief and loss to anyone experiencing any form of significant loss.