World Breastfeeding Week

It's the start of World Breastfeeding Week today! World Breastfeeding Week is used to target governments, health systems, workplaces and communities in keeping them informed, educated and empowered to strengthen their ability to provide and maintain breastfeeding-friendly environments for families.

With my own personal experience I definitely had to seek support from above agencies as breastfeeding was so hard! Who knew it was something that didn't just happen naturally and you and baby actually had to learn. I had struggles, especially with my first because I had no idea why she wasn't feeding well. After a couple of months and LOTS of tears she was eventually diagnosed with a posterior tongue tie (which are not as common as the anterior ones hence why it was not picked up easily). After getting an appointment with an oral surgeon, it was such an easy fix (and a huge weight off my shoulders that I was not imagining the problem), we had some more practice and then were good to go. With my second he had the exact same problem, so I knew the signs and got it sorted with a lot less stress.

My advice, if you think something is not right trust your gut and push for answers until you get them.
Shout out to all the mums breastfeeding and all the other parents bottle-feeding. You're doing an amazing job whichever feeding option you have taken / had to take.



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